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The BIG Show is suitable for large groups. Mike uses a professional backdrop, lighting and sound to create a magical environment. Sleight of hand and "sleight of mind" are combined with audience participation to both entertain and amaze.

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Strolling Close-Up Magic at your table

Mike visits with small groups, creating fun and mystery using playing cards, coins and other ordinary objects. This is the most intimate form of magic. The spectators are at point blank range when the most impossible things are happening.


Gambling Protection Show

Mike demonstrates techniques used by card cheats in poker and blackjack. The audience learns what to watch out for in order to not be cheated.

Mike demonstrates how cheats can stack the deck and use false dealing and shuffling to create poker hands like four aces and royal flushes.

An award winning show

Mike has performed his award winning show at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood CA as well as at national conventions around the country.

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Call or email for information

Your group can experience Mike's brand of magic at your next get-together! Just call or email for information.